General FAQ

Contract duration

Is the contract temporary?

Can I terminate a contract before it is due to end?

Reservation management

How can I keep up to date with current bookings?

Do I get to find out details of who is using my holiday property?

Can I also occupy the property myself?

Your property in safe hands

What can be done to ensure my property is regularly kept clean?

Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday home?

Do I have some protection in the event of my property being damaged by guests?

Costs and payments

What are the costs?

Can I also receive my rental income on a monthly basis?


Is there a designated contact person I can speak to?

Can I reach someone out of HHD office hours?

How can my private key holder communicate with guests if he/she does not speak any foreign languages?

Marketing and Advertising

If I work with you, where will my house be advertised?

Can I have a say in how my property is described?

Do I receive a reward if I refer a new owner to HHD?