Owner management

Owner Management

Doing things yourself

If you or your representative take care of the house management and you welcome guests yourself, you will have the same key holder responsibilities like we do.

The following section provides useful information on your duties and tasks:

  • Every customer receives a description of how to find the key holder’s location. Also a travel voucher containing all the relevant booking information like adres, phone number of key holder, arrival and departure times, amount of deposit and any additional costs.
  • The holiday property must be properly checked and prepared before the guests arrive to ensure that they will find clean and welcoming accommodation.
  • As set out in the terms of our contract, customers will arrive between 4 p.m. and 7p.m.
    However, we do ask for your understanding should the client be delayed.
  • On arrival, the customer should hand the key holder the travel voucher and the agreed breakage deposit.
  • Any additional services which are not already included in the rental price, like wifi or bed linen and the local tax must be paid by the customer directly on spot.
  • The key holder must react immediately if any problems occur during or between bookings, and must inform the owner of any necessary repairs or purchases.
  • We send you a weekly reservations list with all existing bookings by email or post.
  • If the key holder is away or cannot be on-site, a replacement should be organized to ensure that customers can be welcomed as usual.